Why Wait? Let’s Collaborate!

Obviously having a space to work on and store our projects would be helpful, but it doesn’t mean we need to wait until then to start collaborating and learning from each other. If you haven’t already, check out the forums and start engaging with each other to get the ball rolling.


Nathan Trapp and Zev Eisenberg have offered to start teaching a class on Software/App (iOS) Development towards the end of spring, Matthew Heinlein has posted a number of fun projects with youtube links for those looking for ideas to work on, and Douglas Butler posted that he has 2 letterpresses that he may be willing to part with if someone is looking to purchase one.


These forums are an incredible resource, allowing us to be able to communicate as a group without concern for scheduling conflicts. That being said, getting together is just as important, so don’t forget that the next meet-up will be Tuesday, April 16th, at Liam McGuire’s in Falmouth.


The Forums can be found at http://capecodmakers.org/forum/.


Don’t forget, the more people and resources we have, the stronger we’ll be, so continue to tell your friends and family to join us!

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