Westport Mini Maker Faire

Back on 27 April 2013 at approximately 1030 hours I along with 3 other future makers arrived at our first Maker Faire, the Westport Mini Maker Faire in Wesport, CT, the weather was nice and the crowd attending appeared to be eager for the day’s events.


Eager Makers

We realized that parking was going to be a problem very quickly, but we weren’t upset, we knew we were in the right place from the look of things. We didn’t see a ferris wheel, cotton candy vendors, side shows or your traditional fair type activities, but we did see blacksmithing, 3D printers, a home made jet engine, robots, terrariums, amateur radio, Dalton Ghetti and his carved pencils, a few Imperial Storm Troopers and if I didn’t mention it my nieces might get upset at me, a table set up to design dresses and other women’s outfits, I did not spend much time at this booth! To see more of what was offered please visit the Westport Maker Faire’s website. Additional photos can be viewed on the Cape Cod Makers facebook page.

Homemade terrariums

Homemade terrariums

The faire was open from 10am-4pm inside the local library and outside on Jesup Green. Early in the afternoon Jim and Mary arrived from the Cape and we had an opportunity to talk to one of the organizers. She explained to us that this was their second year for the maker faire and that it was only slightly larger than the previous year; I would say they had two very successful years! She provided some great information for the Cape Cod Maker Faire which we have scheduled for this September.

Violin making

Violin making

Before we left for the day I asked my nieces what their favorite things were, one like to climb on the piece of modern art out in front of the library the other enjoyed the Caine’s Arcade inspired space that was set up for the day inside the library. In addition they both liked being scanned with an XBox Kinect and are looking forward to having 3D models printed of themselves.

Kinect-based 3D scanner digitizing a kid

Kinect-based 3D scanner digitizing a kid

I look forward to the Cape’s first maker faire this fall, if you’re interested in volunteering or exhibiting, comment here or on our discussion board or join us at the next meeting on June 18 at Cape Cod Media in Dennisport. Look forward to seeing everyone there.

This is Jerry Thiboutot, Cape Cod Maker, signing off.

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