Steampunk at Wackenhammer’s Clockwork Arcade

We’d like to thank Professor Wackenhammer (a.k.a. Joe Bondaryk) for graciously allowing us to hold our May meeting at his arcade in Hyannis, Wackenhammer’s Clockwork Arcade. This was our first meeting since the Maker Faire, and it was great to see everybody again. Joe talked about how he got into steampunk, showed us some of the arcade games that has built, and gave us a tour.

Professor Otto Wackenhammer

IMG_2570 An original coffin car from the Kooky Kastle dark ride, from Paragon Park in Nantasket Beach. IMG_2572

Atari 2600 console with all of the games. (Even E.T.!)

IMG_2578 If you want to reach a perfect score in Pac Man, this is the place! Joe said that he is always looking for ideas for new games, so if there are any makers in the community who are interested in collaborating to design or develop new games, he’d love to hear from you. We wish Joe all the best for a very successful summer!

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