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Hello Makers of Cape Cod! My name is Josh Miller and I’ll be your guide this evening. As my first post in this blog for the Cape Cod Makers, I want to thank everyone for their interest and hope you all are going to attend our upcoming meeting Tuesday night at 7PM at Tommy Doyle’s on Main Street, Hyannis. I’m really excited about getting this project up and running and hope you all share my enthusiasm. So far, a new logo has been created, the word of our presence and upcoming meeting has been submitted to various local media outlets (newspapers, radio, Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, etc…), contacts have been made within the local creative community, and fliers have been posted in libraries, hobby shops, hardware stores, and across main street. Basically, we’re trying to get the word out.


If you’re a maker, or simply interested in learning within your community, then come to our meeting this Tuesday to discuss what you would want out of a communal group and area directed towards learning, accomplishing goals, tinkering, and having fun. The more input we get, the better idea we’ll have of what our next step will be and how to make everyone’s desires come true. Thanks for reading and if I don’t have a new update before Tuesday night, then I’ll see you all at Tommy Doyle’s at 7PM! SPREAD THE WORD!

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