Scoping out a space

The Cape Cod Makers’ June monthly meeting took place the evening of the 18th, at the Cape Cod Community Media Center in Dennisport. At the invitation of director Terry Duenas, those of us who made it out got an exciting look at what the media center has to offer.

The meeting started with a discussion of the center itself: a community organization where members have accesss to high quality video and sound production equipment, and instruction on how to use it. The Media Center also produces and airs content for Channel 99, the Cape’s local access tv station. Our introduction to the Center’s capabilities was via the Kickstarter video for a children’s activity app called Quahog Corner. The hybrid live action/cartoon show, original music, accompanying mobile app, and even the Kickstarter pitch were produced almost entirely on site, with equipment available to all the Center’s members.

After the impressive introduction, we took a tour of the facility’s sound and video studios (the teenagers recording what may have been a music video on Stage B graciously allowed us to interrupt them), including the talk show stage and work-in-progress kitchen set for a future cooking show.


Next came what we had all been waiting for: the warehouse! Terry put forth at the Cape Cod Makers’ first meeting that the Media Center was using only part of their large building, and the thousands of square feet in the back had recently been vacated by the t-shirt company that had been using it as storage. With the Media Center’s goal of dedicating their extra space to an organization that shares their community-building ideology, and a permanent physical makerspace as one of our biggest goals, we of the makers had a lot to do to contain our anticipation (drooling would have been unseemly) about what this warehouse and potential partnership could mean.


Warehouse perspective

So much space, so many possibilities


Well, the warehouse is big, and mostly empty, apart from a few pallets of t-shirt dummies and an immeasurably huge quantity of potential.


Warehouse with dummies

T-shirt warehouse, or haunted house fundraiser waiting to happen?


The Media Center is planning on walling off some of it to build a theater, but that would still leave about 3/4 of the area open for development. There are large overhead access doors on two walls, and lighting, heavy duty electrical, and a sprinkler system in a suspended grid along the roof. With a whole lot of acoustic foam (noise and vibration dampening is one of the main concerns, with the studio just on the other side of the wall), some expert advice on wiring and fire safety, and some earnest effort, this place could be exactly what we’re looking for.


Warehouse and crowd

Audience intent on some important discussion… while I take pictures.


Tell us what you think! Would you travel to Dennisport to take classes and work on projects? Would you take advantage of the Media Center’s production equipment and expertise? (Regardless of any future partnership, membership at the Center is always open and astonishingly inexpensive!) What questions do you have for us or for Terry? Comments are open, and as always, feel free to contact us any time at

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