ScrappyBot Documentation Update

We have released an updated User Guide for our ScrappyBot robot kits that covers the new version 2.0 of the kit. We changed the kit by replacing the breadboard with a solderable breadboard. The change allowed us to add a power switch and a more rugged connection to the battery back. We were also able to add color coded pins and pin markings for all the NodeMCU pins.

ScrappyBot User Guide V2

The ScrappyBot kit is a low-cost robotics kit developed by Cape Cod Makers that lets you build a complete robot you can control from most Smartphones (iOS and Android). The kit can also be expanded with additional servos and sensors. If you are interested in purchasing one of these kits please send an e-mail to

ScrappyBot V2.0 Solderable Breadboard


Once More Into the Breach

We are pleased to say that we completed assembly of the X-Carve. We did a quick test carve and after coloring the inside of the letters with some paint it came out pretty well. The X-carve can do this sort of engraving and so much more. It can also operate on a range of materials including wood, MDF, various plastics, and aluminum. Make sure to stop by one of our monthly Public Hours events if you want to see it in action. Also, if you have a great idea on how we can put the tool to use, send us an e-mail!

X-Carve Assembly Party

With all the parts to our new 1000mm X-Carve CNC Engraver/Cutter having finally arrived we set to work assembling the beast. While we had a good time, even after 3 hours we still have more work to do. We should be running our first test projects next Saturday. If you are interested in using the X-Carve please send an e-mail to or better yet, stop by our Public Hours held on the 4th Saturday of every month from 6pm-8pm! To see what the X-carve can do check out Inventables’ Project Gallery.