Making a Makerspace Follow up

We went to the Artian’s Asylum for the Make a Makerspace workshop and it was incredible!

Our biggest takeaway is that open access to tools and knowledge can empower people, drive innovation, inspire creativity, and create economic growth.  Everyone can be a maker. There were almost 200 participants from 25 states and 3 countries.   There were panels on many topics, including

  • Identifying and rallying your community.
  • Comparative makerspace business models.
  • Finding money, tools, and space.
  • Building codes, insurance and liability.
  • The role of education in makerspaces.

This workshop was sponsored by the Artisan’s Asylum and Make Magazine.  Dale Dougherty of Maker Media was the keynote speaker.  There were also representatives from organizations nationwide, including I3 Detroit, TechShop, Olin College, Sprout, MakeIt Labs, and the Hack Factory to name a few.

Stay tuned as we plan our first meet-up!

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