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Makerspace Public Hours

Every 4th Saturday of the month Cape Cod Makers will be holding an open house in our makerspace, the LaunchPad. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in using the makerspace to stop by and see what it has

Robotics Meetup October 27th 7 P.M. – BSU Cape Cod Campus

It’s robot time! Cape Cod Makers will be hosting a robotics competition at the 2016 Cape Cod Mini Maker Faire. During this meetup we will discuss the format of the competition and how Cape Cod Makers will be supporting teams.

Python: An Introduction to Programming

Learning to program, like learning a language, can easily seem scary. However, like spoken languages, almost all programming languages share common roots. This class focuses on laying this groundwork so you can simplify common tasks programmatically in your daily life,
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